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Leadtime for Shipping

All orders can be tracked on  or

Orders are typically fulfilled within 24 hours (except on Sundays and on holidays ). A tracking number will be automatically sent to you via email. You can usually track your order 2 or 3 days later on the website listed in the email or on

The address can be changed before the package is shipped. Once we have handed the package to the carrier, the address cannot be changed or returned, and the buyer will be responsible for any issues that may arise. To change your address, please fill out the form on the contact us page.

There is no return service for international e-commerce parcels. Any packages that fail to be delivered will be destroyed by the carrier, even if the tracking information shows that they were returned. Buyers should not request a refund for such situations.

Shipping from Local
Athom has several international warehouses, but not all items are available in each warehouse. Please check the "Shipping From" option for each product to find out which warehouse it is available from.

Buyers outside of the areas mentioned above who choose to have their order shipped from one of our overseas warehouses will not be able to receive their order. The package will still be shipped from China.

The local warehouse does not offer a return service. Please DO NOT return items to this warehouse.

United States/Canada
Items that can be shipped from the US will be shipped from our Los Angeles warehouse by USPS. It will take about 3-5 days for the package to arrive. Buyers from Hawaii, Alaska, and Costa Rica should purchase from our Aliexpress store. Canada is not reachable by our US local shipping, so please DO NOT choose shipping from the US.

Packages will be handled by DHL. Shipping from Germany is available to all EU countries except the UK, Turkey, Switzerland, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, and others. Due to the possibility of shipping companies changing their policies without notice, we reserve the right to decide where to ship from.

Australia/New Zealand
Items shipped from Sydney usually take 1-3 days to be delivered by Australia Post. Shipping from China might take 7-10 working days. New Zealand buyers who choose to have their order shipped from Sydney will have a longer wait time than if they chose to have their order shipped from China.

Shipping from China
Packages shipped from China are handled by 4PX, the largest international e-commerce parcel carrier in China. Delivery usually takes 7-12 days.

US: 8-12 working days

Canada: 4-8 working days

UK/France: 4-6 working days

Italy/Germany: 5-10 working days

Other EU Countries: 8-12 working days

Australia/New Zealand: 6-10 working days

Japan: 5-8 working days

Israel: 6-9 working days

Other Countries
The Aliexpress store can provide faster shipping service for buyers in these countries.

Direct Store on Aliexpress

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